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About Our Company

We are one of the trusted moneylender companies leading in providing personal loan services in Malaysia. We offer several types of financing solutions to suit our customer's expectations. Our main focus would be on providing Personal Loan. Our objective is to resolve whatever financial difficulties with our customized financial scheme in the most effective and efficient way. It is also our assurance of not to disclose any information obtained from the client and all information are sure to be managed in a private and confidential manner.

We make sure that you get the right business loan that suits your needs. We specialise in providing business loans to companies that need to solve their immediate cash flow issues. We offer different types of business loans, and our staff can help you decide on the right one for your present finances. We try our best to work with our clients to ensure that they get the best solution for their financial problem.


The new business that are still growing constantly need to pump in money for a number of reasons. The investment could be used for expansion, introduction of new services, or simply to manage the operational expenses. In fact, even the established businesses are also sometimes seeking for the investors. Business loan through government grant or from a private company is the only option for many new businesses to keep going. Here are some of the big benefits of taking the SME loan or corporate loan.


One of the biggest advantages of taking such a loan is that if the business fails at any point of time, the business owner will not need to repay the loan. In the event of business shut down, the business loan company will liquidate the business and use it to repay part of loan and sometimes even all of it. This is one thing that many business owners have been keeping in mind while taking going for the loan as no one is held personally accountable in the event of business failure. Whether you are taking mortgage loan or corporate loan, there is one more advantage you will be able to enjoy. The interest rates of the loan are quite low at this time. As compared to the banks, mortgage loans, equity loans, and even credit cards come at a very low interest rate. This encourages the business owners even further.


It is easier to get the approval for the loan as compared to the loans from the bank. Although the review of the business loan companies is just as stringent as any bank so as to ensure there are no frauds, their overall approval process is simpler. Once verified, they dispense the loan rather speedily. This is another reason why small business owners are going to these companies for their financial needs.

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