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Pajak Gadai

Are you short of money? Funds for emergencies? Necessary working capital in the short term? Temporary loan or a short term loan? We're here to help!

pajak gadai

Method Pawn

We offer the facility for short-term loans with Method Pawn. This means the borrower can use the valuables like gold watches, mobile phones, jewelery, designer handbags or grants of land and purchase agreement as a temporary charge, to get cash in a short time. The valuables will be returned once all loans are described as stated in the terms of the loan.

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The short-term loans

1. Capture images of the products you want mortgaged, send it to +60107918828
2. We will call you to ask some questions and expectations of short-term loans that can be granted.
3. An appointment to meet at any place agreed upon, to inspect the valuables, and also provide cash to borrowers.

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