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Start Up Business Loan

Our company set out on its mission to help entrepreneurs connect with small business loan providers in Malaysia. There are more and more start ups in the business world than there has ever been. With government support and easy Finance, starting a business has never been easier. But still, more needs to be done. Perhaps the most disappointing thing for most aspiring entrepreneurs is the fact that banks do not give loans to start ups. This means that however good your business plan is, you stand zero chance of getting a loan from any bank to establish your business.


There is however light at the end of the tunnel as the number of institutions giving small business loans to start ups has increased over the years. If you are an entrepreneur wondering how to get a loan to start a small business, you might consider looking for other sources of finance like taking personal loans, borrowing from friends and family and applying for government loans and grants.


These loans are meant to help entrepreneurs start and run small businesses just as the name suggests. Although not necessarily recommended, existing SME owners can apply for these small business loans to add to their working capital or even to expand or start a new business altogether. For all your small business loans start up needs, do not hesitate to negotiate with your lender and if that is us, we always listen to our clients. We provide all types of SME financing from startups to equipment or asset purchasing to expansion. Our small business loan interest rates are set relatively low so you won't have to worry about the interest being half the principal amount.


Our small business Start Up loans have many benefits to you and your business. First, you will finally get to see your business up and running even if you don't have enough capital to do that. Secondly, you don't have to worry about predetermined payment terms as we can customize the terms to suit you. And of course the low interest rates will save you a few coins which you can invest into your business.

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